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Hacride - Amoeba
« on: August 14, 2007, 12:49:34 am »
(french metal shall rise !)

Hacride is a french band that released its second album, Amoeba, in the begining of this year.
Musically, this is pretty sweet death metal, sounding like a melting pot of Opeth (some moods, riffs, atmospheres), Tool (some moods too) and Meshuggah (some rythmic things, riffs). Plus, of course, a proper identity, with progressive touchs.
Amoeba stunted me, at the listening of the first track, Perturbed. It never stopped until the last note of the last track.
Death metal with accoustic breaks, atmospheric breaks, and one of the best mix I've ever heard : Zambra. Mix between death metal and flamenco (including spanish singing by spanish singers, flamenco guitars, etc).
Add death metal and clean vocals, accoustic guitars, massive sound (the production is quite excellent) then, you got the best french band of this year.
Currently, their myspace is down, but if you like original death metal, and have the opportunity to listen to this album, do it*.

Here is a radioblog link to the first track of the album : Perturbed

[Edit] Okay, their myspace is back now. You can listen to Zambra, a true masterpiece.

* or I'll sneak into your bedroom, cut your hair, eat your eyes and your babies and paint your face in pink.
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Re: Hacride - Amoeba
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2007, 06:02:04 pm »
This sounds pretty damn awesome!

Definately worth checking out. Reminds me of the band Amoral.