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NoSolos - a new UK based music resource
« on: August 10, 2005, 03:56:18 am »
NoSolos - a new UK based music resource

Apologies for the downright spammyness of this post, but it may interest a lot of you on here, especially those who are 'into' their music, even more so if you make it! aims to be a web-based resource for fans of left-of-centre bands, promoters, and the bands themselves, the country over; where you can discuss what's cool, what's not cool, swap ideas, swap gigs, and generally enjoy music. In other words, this is a community resource that we want to gear towards a national level, and it's mainly for bands that are what we term "left of centre" - a bit off-kilter, into pushing generic boundaries, progressive - but we're in no way elitist scum! We embrace everything as long as it's in someway new, fresh, exciting, not-shit and generally up for having a good time and telling 'the man' to stick it.

The domain name itself, nosolos, is something of a joke. We're not trying to ban or dissuade guitar solos at all - infact we downright love 'em when done right - and we're not trying to kill off rock 'n' roll either; it's more of a nuance or general connotation of how we dislike the way music is turning very much into form over function. All style - no substance. All gob and no kecks. We're into punk, post-punk, new wave, hard indie, experimental, dance, rock 'n' roll, hip hop, anything... so long as it pushes the boundaries a bit. The last thing we want to see at a gig is a band thinking they can get away with the same three chords that've been played since 1972...

Sign up, get doing and enjoy yourselves. But the most important thing is that you pass this website address on to everyone and anyone you think would be interested. If you're at university in a different town to the one you're currently in, take this with you in September.

Let's really push this forward. Get enough people involved, and something could really happen here!

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