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Title: Gimme More DTX simfile
Post by: obus69 on September 22, 2012, 09:59:24 pm
Hello Masu fans!
I was wondering why there is no other simfiles for this amazing band, (except another one of Hero), so I decided to make my own favorite song simfile.
I just wanted to share it so everybody can enjoy it.
Link to the simfile:

Youtube video:

If you don't know what a DTX simfile is:
DTXManiaGR is a drum simulator that you can play with a keyboard or an actual digital drumset (originally created to work with the Yamaha DTX drum series).
So, basically, a DTX simfile is the data this game need in order to play the song.
If you want to play this song you must download the DTXManiaGR game. Official link: (make sure you donwload DTXManiaGR, not DTXCreator)
After downlaoding and extracting the game, you need to extract the simfile folder inside the game folder.

PD: I made the tabs just by hearing the song, so they may not be the real ones. If anyone has access to the actual tabs, I will be happy to make a new version.