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Title: Rabbit in the Moon
Post by: Drakonis on June 18, 2009, 08:53:59 pm
If anyone out there likes electronic and knows of Rabbit, I'm going to go see them tomorrow.

I'll try to remember to link some stuff if anyones interested, but it is electronic and more mellow stuff. Not sure how much interest there is in this sorta thing.

But anybody that has a giant glow stick bunny custome and runs around on top of the crowd in a giant bubble is OK with me.

Edit: - the player in the top left, scroll over until you get to Rabbit in the Moon. Two tracks up there. Let's Dance (yes, it's an awesome remix, lol) and a mix of their Out of Body Experience. Two awesome tracks, check em' out. :P (well, if you dig this sorta thing anyway - My fiancee got me into this stuff)