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Title: People who know alot about drum mixing!
Post by: Niccho on March 05, 2009, 04:01:27 am
I know there are alot of people here who know (or think they know :P) stuff about mixing a song (including me) and always want to try to help, but in this case save your thoughts, cause this question is only for professionals, people who are training to be professionals or people who really, really, really know alot about sound producing/editing and especially drum mixing:

So a while back my band's drummer recorded a buncha drumtracks for an album and because of many complications, im gonna have to mix those drumtracks. They were recorded in a real studio so the quality should be top notch.
Heres the question then: How do i start mixing them and what should i do with each track? (there's a track for Bassdrum, OverheadR, OverheadL, RoomR, RoomL, SnareB, SnareT and 4 toms)
So far i've fiddled around with buncha vst effects (eq and compressor mostly) and managed to get a pretty decent sound, but i want it to be Teh Shitz!

If any of you could help, i'd really appreciate it.