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Title: Custom MaSu design on new headphones
Post by: Will on January 14, 2013, 03:52:11 pm
So I'm looking at getting a pair of these bad boys:

With them comes an option to engrave an image of your choice on a custom gun metal / chrome / whatever metal shield. See image below:

Pretty freaking shmexy, I know. I was thinking of getting something like this engraved:

But with my own writing in place of the numbers. Whatcha think? What should I have instead of the numbers to make it more personal? And what colour plates should I go for?

Second thought that hit me - wouldn't it be cool if MaSu got some sponsoring deal from V-moda with their own custom made headphones to promote V-Modas headphones similar to the laptop thingemie they did?

The rules for uploading an image for engraving on V-modas website are as follows:

    Images/logos are preferred to be in black and white
    For the best engraving results, images should be uploaded in hi-resolution (300dpi or above) format
    Please note that images/logos cannot be engraved onto chrome shields
    If you plan on uploading your own logo, you MUST select "Yes" in the 2b dropdown box. Do not upload company/brand logos you do not own rights to (ie no Disney, NFL logos etc)

How do I know what resolution an image is?
And clearly I don't own the rights to that logo, so I was gonna check with y'all if you reckon it would be ok?

P.S. those verification "type the letters shown in the picture" are getting fucking retarded >.< It took me like 5 goes to post this!
Title: Re: Custom MaSu design on new headphones
Post by: OmegaVesko on January 14, 2013, 04:53:49 pm
The resolution of that image is 1591x1020. Considering it's going on headphones, it's more than large enough.

As for the rights, I'm not exactly the authority here. :P Though i think it should be fine.
Title: Re: Custom MaSu design on new headphones
Post by: gaijin on January 14, 2013, 08:42:51 pm
I'll go out on a limb here and say it's perfectly fine. Unless I totally mis-remember things, that's an image made by Rob as a suggestion for tattoos, or something similar.

In any case, go ahead. If they complain, i'll just slap 'em until they agree with me.