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Title: Black Sabbath, together (again)
Post by: WilllemNL on November 22, 2011, 11:30:51 am
So yeah, big news last week. Black Sabbath is reuniting again, with all the original band members. Yep, that includes Ozzy!

New cd in 2012 and new tours. I am going to see them at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium.

Thoughts about this?

New cd sounds... weird. If the media (and even the bandmembers) are to be believed, there has been quite some fighting between Ozzy and Iommi. Can they 'forgive and forget' and make an awesome cd? I kinda doubt it...

As for the tour. I have faith in that going superb. I love Dio and the music he made with Black Sabbath, seen 'm twice (as Heaven & Hell), which was awesome. But ooooh, the original Black Sabbath. CAN'T FUCKING WAIT.
Title: Re: Black Sabbath, together (again)
Post by: Digital0verl0rd on November 22, 2011, 01:02:42 pm
HELL YEAH, yesterday I was actually listening to very first albums and watching videos of iommi playing the great ol riffs and DAT feeling was great. I think I'll read the Rat Salad book again, I love how band describes songs like iron man, war pigs, electric funeral etc etc. I love how they put every chord and riff together, to make not only music, but story and awesome true feelings. Reading their song desriptions sometimes feels like deepest music theory :D

So, great news :)