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Title: UppCon 2009-01-16 Photos, anyone know who took them?
Post by: Drakonis on October 15, 2010, 06:44:59 pm
Anybody know whom the photographer was that took the gig photos at UppCon? It seems most photographers wouldn't mind if I printed, at home, a 4x6 print of some of those photos and posted them in my cubicle at work for my own viewing pleasure.

I don't want to assume though, everybody's different. I know Gaij didn't take these particular ones, I checked with him first.

May be a stupid question in general, but I would certainly feel better about having them in my cubicle if I knew the photographer gave me their blessings.

I'm just trying to surround myself at work with things I love and obviously Machinae is a huge part of that and the site has some really fantastic gig photos. This one ( stood out as particularly neat from that gig as you can see the big Overworld artwork behind the band rockin' it.

Anywho, rock on folks!  ;D