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Title: Far Cry 2
Post by: PrescriptiveBarony on November 19, 2008, 07:21:58 am
Sorta surprised nobody made a topic yet, but maybe just nobody has it.

Well i would suggest it if you aren't prone to being a game snob. i'm not an especially fervent fan of ubisoft, but this, although a vast change from the original far cry, is a pretty darn fun game. it's an open-world fps, with a mission system akin to a boiled-down gta... a couple factions for the "main" missions, a couple cookie-cutter side-mission progressions, several tedious collections to build up until you just say "fuck it, i'm not even playing on a 360". but the engine has some pretty fun fire physics and reasonably destructable environments. the story is weak at best, but it's just there to give you money and reasons to kill people. it's simultaneously unapologetically arcadey (the animations when you heal from critical wounds are great, including poking a finger in a bullet wound and pushing the bullet out the other side) and adamant in its refusal to take you out of the action; it's always first person, in vehicles and in cutscenes, and the map itself is a handheld one that doesn't pause the game. there is some mission and meta-information when you press escape, but generally that's just for pausing when you finally decide you should probably go take a piss.

anyway... anyone else playing?
Title: Re: Far Cry 2
Post by: Chronologix on November 19, 2008, 07:42:15 am
Played and finished it a while ago...and for good reason I did not make a topic.

The gameplay is INSANELY repetitive, the environments are not really all that destroyable...the fire IS really fun, but can only go so far to make the game fun.

Way too much driving/running around, the AI is kinda weird in places and can piss you off a good amount later in the game.

The missions are really just more of the same after the first few innovative ones.

The story almost seems non-existent and with a terrible terrible twist near the end...which brings me to my main point: THE ENDING WAS SHIT! I am not going to add any spoilers but in my opinion this has to be one of the WORST endings I have ever encountered in a game.

Finding all the diamonds and unlocking all the guard posts are not really even all that helpful. The only thing clearing a guard post does is let you know what type of ammo you can get from it...which I have never had a use for since you can get ammo everywhere from anyone.

The diamonds ONLY serve as a purpose to get yourself new weaponry, and 1/2 of it you will never use because they are just there to "have" and you never really need any certain weapon for a certain situation.

Day night effects are nice and the graphics are cool, especially when it begins to rain and the wind picks up...but the game itself seems more like a Hiking game than an intense FPS.

The buddy system is nice, but you start to see a pattern in the missions/buddy missions and instead of doing the original missions your given, you end up ALWAYS doing the buddy missions may as well.

Overall the game doesn't annoy you that much like some other games, the most annoying thing that has happened (and it has happened a few times) is getting hit from behind by one of the new hybrid silent cars those crafty Africans developed that instakill you.

Bus travel is nice, but not even really noticed until about 15-30% of the game, and after that point you find yourself going to the bus station every 5 minutes to go somewhere else.

There are only a few cutscenes and even though the developers wanted to make the game "immersive" your character means nothing and the story is the same regardless of who you choose (kinda a spoiler, but it will stop you from making another character in hopes the game would be different)

All in all, it was fun to play and explore a bit, but got boring and has little re-playability...not to mention when sprinting you may get the occasional motion sickness (yourself...not your character, you will need to rub your eyes and lie down for a while)
Title: Re: Far Cry 2
Post by: Einkoro on November 19, 2008, 09:37:21 am
Don't forget the evil DRM.
Title: Re: Far Cry 2
Post by: Gravehill on November 19, 2008, 03:10:39 pm
the game itself seems more like a Hiking game than an intense FPS.
I'm gonna buy this.

Don't forget the evil DRM.
...on the other hand, I'm so not going to buy this.
Title: Re: Far Cry 2
Post by: PrescriptiveBarony on November 19, 2008, 07:08:42 pm
i certainly didn't buy it.

i like that there are weapons for variety rather than because anything in particular is necessary. i recognize that their attempt to allow multiple approaches to any given encounter kinda backfired, but i can appreciate additions to a game that took a bunch of time and effort but which nobody will care about.

i would prefer a more possible stealth system, but whatcha gonna do. i still think it's fun to snipe folk from a distant hillside and see the other people run around confused and hiding. then it's time to aim for the curiously abundant barrels of fuel.

certainly the buddies are useful only for their ability to save you, and there is a great deal of repetition to be found, but at least for now it's repetition of something i enjoy experiencing.

and hey-- no trigens.
Title: Re: Far Cry 2
Post by: SweZor on November 19, 2008, 11:28:42 pm
and hey-- no trigens.

This is perhaps what I liked most about this game. I hate it when games start out all nice and sweet, killing random mercenairies. And then suddenly everything changes and you have to face boring mutants/zombies/aliens for some reason. almost ALL fps games now-adays suffer from this problem, and I'm so sick and tired of it.

As for the game itself, I think it was pretty good. I liked the combat and the stealth once you got a hang of it. At first the AI seemed dumb as rocks, but eventually you noticed that there more to it than that, they're actually quite realistic at times, they'll talk to eachother to co-ordinate defenses, take up persuit when you try to run away and stuff like that (although their cars with NFS esque Catch-Up mechanics are LAME).

The stealth is perhaps what suprised me most, at first it seemed like it didn't work at all, but after some tinkering I finally figured out how to do it, and this raised the fun level alot, The Dart Rifle and Silenced Makarov is an awesome combo with the apropriate upgrades, You can sneak around killing everyone in a camp without ever getting noticed, and it's tons of fun. I onced emptied the whole "Ranger Station" area like this, probably around 15 guys, and I never got spotted once. My proudest moment.  ;D

A good game barely worth the money, but nothing more. It could have been though... With say, an ingame days respawn time for guard posts, a better story that responds better to your actions and draws more heavily on the games politically charged setting. (moving front-lines where there's warfare between the factions perhaps?) Let's hope Far Cry 3 has all this, and it might actually get the praise it deserves!