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Title: Musical advice to the band :-)
Post by: pHx on August 29, 2003, 04:53:38 pm

i may be a newcomer on this forum but surely not on the scene. i'm a studio composer myself and i'd have a couple of hints to give you:

your stuff is technically very skilled & inspiring, and i do enjoy listening to it, but i'd recommend you

a) get rid of that phonic mixer, a brand known for even cheaper "quality" than behringer. the mixers have a bad havbit of doing signal overdrive (when a lot of channels are mixed together the signal loses its dynamics e.g. other sounds kinda "fade" away for a sec when a strong singal like crash is mixed in the line).

b) try a wider sound with a little of echo & reverb,  a little bit of space would bring you out from the "garage sound" into a "stadion" :-)
Title: Re:Musical advice to the band :-)
Post by: robert on September 02, 2003, 11:09:25 am
The album is being recorded on better hardware, amongst other things t.c.electronic triple-C compressor and lineaudio pre-amp (swedish company, great).

Oh, and the stuff is mixed together in the computer, so any lack in quality there is probably our fault and not the hardware. But we learn as we go.  :)