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Title: One Day in the Universe (chords)
Post by: LymphoCite_T on July 07, 2013, 03:59:44 am
That's what I've got so far, but not sure on quotation-marked places ("Something real if only we"), could anyone help?

Code: [Select]
Key: Gm

Gm                                       C(that's weird, but I'm almost positive)
Happened face to face online though it took a while
Gm                           C
Young and disconnected just out to kill some time
A#                                   Gm
Nothing R-rated first then something happened
A#                                Gm
That defied any sense across this great divide
?               ?
Something real if only we...
        A#6         F       D#
But the space in between us we cannot erase
Gm   F       D#
One day in the universe
F                       A#5       D#      Gm
What we do, we couldn't make it that much worse
                           A#5             F
Our time between the words wishing that we were
       D#              F            A#
So you tell me and you show me your meaning
         D# A# F                A#
What you do is like music to my heart
         A#6     A#5 A5 G5
And other things
Gm                                C
Flash forward to nigths online and by our screens


Thanks in advance :)