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I grabbed this from another board, and it is alot of fun :P

A few rules:
I paraphrased the rest, but I'll quote it:

Eireann: Wed Apr 30, 2003 2:35

--- Quote ---1. Your song title entry must include one word from the previous entry. The link must be between song titles, not band names.

3. Prefixes and suffixes can be added or dropped to change from one part of speech to another (e.g. "actual" can lead to "actually," and vice versa)

--- End quote ---

Cannot use "a", "an" and "the" to link songs.
You can split words, I.E. Sidology --> sid
Can use everything else not mentioned in here.

I'll start: Machinae Supremacy - March Of The Undead 2

The wired?

Is this only machinae songs game?

If it isn´t I could say "to" tame a land ;)

>The wired?

 "Cannot use "a", "an" and "the" to link songs."

> If it isn´t I could say "to" tame a land

 "to" is not a prefix of any word in "March Of The Undead 2"

 Seems like a silly game anyhow. Maybe for another area?

Nine Inch Nails - March Of The Pigs

Red Alert 2 OST - Hell March


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