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Who/what is "her"?


This is something I've been wondering for a while. In a few machinae supremacy songs there are references to an unnamed "she" or "her", the ones I know of:
- Laser Speed Force, "her song leaves the other side"
- All of my Angels, "one with her"
- Rogue World, Asylum a few lines
- Deus Ex Machinae, basically the entire song
- Fury, "a true impression of the might of her"
I can't think of any more now, though there could be some.

The thing is, in deus ex machinae and fury it's pretty clear it's about the earth, and I think they said in in interview in rogue world asylum it's  about freedin/justice in society, but those meanings aren't really compatible, nor do they work with the other references.

What do you guys think?

I think in Rogue World, Deus Ex Machinae and Fury it's about the "mother earth". In Fury lyrics actually speak of mother earth.

For Laser Speed Force, cant say for sure but I have a feeling it's about the fighter-jet being piloted. "Her song leaves the other side in flight for their lives" = The fighters guns shoot lasers across the space in the battle"

All of my Angels is a hard one. The song feels like it's about a lonely person trying to desperately find someone, so it might be an actual woman.

"Her" in RWA is confirmed by Rob to be about freedom/liberty.

I think "her" in LSF means fate or destiny. "Her song leaves the other side to fight for their lives now" -- "Fate is not on 'their' side".

eanings aren't really compatible, nor do they work with the other references."she" or "her", the ones I know of:


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