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« on: October 05, 2014, 05:13:21 pm »
How to play: Machinae Supremacy - Renegades                                   #E-How

Things you will need:
 - A soul
 - A musical instrument
 - atleast 1 (one) copy of Phantom Shadow and a form of audio output
 - tab provided below



1. At the strike of midnight on the bloodmoon, sell the soul in your possession (any soul will do, doesn't have to be yours)
    to the otherworldly being of your choice (the gaming gods, the great spaghetti monster, C'thulhu, or other) for 1337 playing skills
2. Download the tab provided
3. Spent some time with your new found power to learn said tab; Don't be discouraged if you can't learn it right away, all you need's a little persistence.
4. Play along the album
5. ??
6. Profit!
(optional) 7. Blow minds

Hint: Certain deities are willing to take other forms of payments as well if you are lacking a soul. Kittens are very popular in this respect (make sure its a cute one though)
Don't have Phantom Shadow? Get out there and buy it! Its well worth the money.
"Melting faces while pwning n00bs"