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MaSu European Tour 2014


So. European Tour. Pretty exciting no?  :D

I live in the UK and, although I live a fair way away, I'm seriously considering going up to see the show in Nuneaton. There are just a few details that I'm unsure about and was wondering if any one of the forums could help me?

1) Are MaSu definitely headlining every show? The venue website for Queen's Hall in Nuneaton says something called 'Rockbrakken' is happening on the same day MaSu are scheduled to play. It'd be a shame to finish work, ride all the way up there for the show and then find that they started early and are finishing up to make way for some other act.

2) I hear MaSu have hinted at planning more dates in the US for 2015. Are they possibly going to include other countries/repeat countries too? I'd be happy to wait and save money on some where easier to get to for me.
If any knows or could tell me I'd be very appreciative :)

Well - I'm working on getting more Norway gigs booked for the band (got 2 in the end of november confirmed).
I believe they are still working on getting shows booked, but if it's as hard as getting gigs in Norway booked, it's a lot of work ;)

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