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I think the creation of Anime has to be my next artistic evolution. For videos, for maybe making Phantom Shadow into a movie (insanely ambitious I know but it's just a thought), though I really have no idea where I would start. If I had some people who knew what they were doing would be one thing, but right now it's just me checking out art styles and trying to get a grip on digital animation workflow for 2D / Anime.

Cool idea, would fund! :) This might be something to start a fundraiser for when you have a clear vision of what you want to do, or maybe this would be funded by spinefarm? :)

Awesome idea, but it's a very hard and time consuming thing. I only made animations using 2D sprites but sometimes a 10-12 minutes long thing needs 3-4 months of work without pause.

Back when I first started moving away from the "oh, I heard this on the radio so I like it" mentality and developed my own tastes in music, one of the things that drew me to Daft Punk was Interstella 5555. I still get tingles of nostalgia whenever I listen to those tracks, recalling the story portrayed in the movie.

If you guys did something like this with Phantom Shadow, and it were executed properly, I might explode from happiness. Of course, starting with a somewhat smaller scope as a proof of concept is probably more realistic. In any case, if you embark on such an endeavor, I'll contribute what I can in an effort to insure that it happens.

Man I wish I could help - I can draw the draws but can't actually animate 'em :(. It'd be super rad though to see. Bonus points if there are lots of rad cyborg ladies blowing shit up haha!


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