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Similar tunes!


Let's check if this forum is really dead.

Probably all of us noticed similarities between "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Ronin" but that got me thinking... you see, throughout the whole music industry, there have been lots of interesting similarities that you can often notice if you are, for example, as awesome as me. I'm the fucking master of this.

To help you get started, here are some examples that may be (easily) associated:
1. & (both intros)
2. & (everyone heard about this one I presume)
3. &
4. & (I think there's even been some plagiarism charges regarding this one)
5. & (there, I even set the right timestamps for you!)
6. &

I have more but I don't remember right now.
The bottom line is, GIVE ME YOURS!

This one is almost too close for coincidence:

Lemmings 2 Sports Tune ripped off by Kylie Minogue 8 years later

I know this reasonably But the advice from somebody anyway


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