Author Topic: Where's the hype? :D  (Read 30762 times)

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Re: Where's the hype? :D
« Reply #105 on: December 23, 2014, 03:38:58 am »
Haven't given the album a proper listen yet but I intend to soon! I like the Nemesis throwback, and I also heard Union from the old Hubnester website! (I still have the mp3 ripped)

Need to finish the whole thing but so far I love the instrumental side of it! As usual, it takes a minute to get used to Rob singing but I'm sure it will grow on me like it always does. :)

Perfect Dark stands out to me so far, love the refrain (right word?) before the chorus which matches the beginning melody.

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Re: Where's the hype? :D
« Reply #106 on: December 23, 2014, 08:14:51 pm »
I kinda stopped listening to new stuff MaSu put out around A View From the End of the World. Didn't even gave Rise of a Digital Nation a good listen, and kinda decided that the new "Hero" was a good place to stop following the band completely (since the first "Hero" I heard in Jets'n'Guns ten years ago was the song that got me into the band in the first place).

But I came back, mostly for the story behind the album. I'm not sure if I like the music itself, but I said exactly the same thing in 2010, when AVFtEotW was coming out, and then I gradually fell in love with it.

Anyway, MaSu signed a record deal with Spinefarm Records for five albums, right? That means Phantom Shadow is their second-to-last one covered by that deal. I wonder what the next one will be like, but it's unlikely to be as grandiose as PS. I also wonder what happens next. Hopefully a new batch of promo songs, like the good old times, while Robert tries to publish his story in the form of an anime/feature-length movie. IMO those songs were the best, and not because of being free, either. I have always liked those the most, ever since the times of Deus Ex Machinae.
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Re: Where's the hype? :D
« Reply #107 on: October 29, 2016, 01:58:15 am »
They just held a live stream on facebook "concerning" their upcoming album and celebrating it, but really it was just the guys being awesome as usual. Oh and the album definitely has 10 songs, there's absolutely no way around that hehe. So expect news really soon (I guess?). Get hyped!

And as part of being a giant fanboy and this being my first post I wanted to say how amazing and nice these guys are =D Cheers

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