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Ok, so I'm new here. Not new to MaSu...been listening to them for a long time now...Since Deus Ex I believe XD
The question I propose...we all have a thing that we do. Something we love, that inspires and guides us. Aside MaSu, what do you all do?

I'll start. Mine is either gaming (Namely Reident say I'm obssessed is an understatement), film making or free-running :)
Of course, all of the above are usually done whilst listening to the delight that is MaSu. Latest achievement is managing to solo Terramorphus on Borderlands 2 (level 50, and I can do it consistently. Thank you Rise of  A Digital Nation :D)

I try to do cool things for my art classes and I make music on my computer and DS (hopefully soon gameboy too :)

I always sucked at always eluded me for some reason O_o'
But awesomeness :D

Well to be fair, art is what I'm going to college for, animation specifically (didn't hit those classes yet though).

Ah awesome :)
I did media and film studies myself, so thats kind of my thing education wise. But I do a LOT of writing, I enjoy putting words on paper :)


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