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First album of my one-man-band project!


Hello everyone,

Earth and Moon is my one man band project, and "The Only Truth We Know" is the first album produced. It took me about a year of on-and-off recording, due to other commitments but I have to say I enjoyed every second recording it. :)

I apologize for the non-metalness of most of it but there will be heavier tunes in the albums to come!

*edit* I forgot to talk about the music! The music is kind of post-rock/psychedelic rock, the album is instrumental and it's about life as a journey to be savored, not as a means to a destination. The main inspirations were Thomas Newman, Hammock, Explosions in the Sky, and Pink Floyd.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

320 kbps mp3 free download of the album:

Is an interesting project.

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