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Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Machinae Supremacy is a great band. They were the one who inspired me to play guitar and I think not only me :)
I am playing guitar for 3.5 years for now and MaSu were always with me on my music way.
And I'm trying to be as close to MaSu as I can :)
So I was playing covers of MaSu since I've started to play guitar.
My very first cover was 'overworld' and it was so awfull...I've deleted it.
A year later I've re-covered Overworld and it was not so bad... :)

1 year without covering MaSu, but than, with my new T-shirt from the last MaSu's gig in Moscow
Nova Prospekt
And my personal proud
Dark city

Digital nation! Show me your MaSu's covers! I want to see them all :)

Hey ive seen you vid a long time ago and i think you are awsome  ;D

Thank you! I'm pleased to hear it :)

So...I also wanted to say about one of the best youtube covers for Machinae supremacy
I don't know this guy in person but he was the one inspired me for covering and playing guitar
Thank you, stranger!

What am I very impressed about this issue? I think it's perfect.


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