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May have discovered the 99 melody by accident


I make music on a program called sunvox and just play by ear, don't have any official skills. I'm sort of decent, at least I'm not horrible and I'm not excellent :D (If you want to hear some interesting stuff pm me about it) Well when I was supposed to be studying at night, I got some music ideas and I almost got something that sounded like the 99 intro melody: Just for fun I tried to get the 99 melody, think I got it: In case anyone was curious the notes on that are: c, d, g, c, d, g, c, d, g, c, d, g, c, c, d, g and in my case the instrument/sound I was using for it was an octave of 6.

I know this reasonably But the advice from somebody anyway

Your knowledge allows me to move on, no matter how much trouble.


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