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Custom MaSu design on new headphones


So I'm looking at getting a pair of these bad boys:

With them comes an option to engrave an image of your choice on a custom gun metal / chrome / whatever metal shield. See image below:

Pretty freaking shmexy, I know. I was thinking of getting something like this engraved:

But with my own writing in place of the numbers. Whatcha think? What should I have instead of the numbers to make it more personal? And what colour plates should I go for?

Second thought that hit me - wouldn't it be cool if MaSu got some sponsoring deal from V-moda with their own custom made headphones to promote V-Modas headphones similar to the laptop thingemie they did?

The rules for uploading an image for engraving on V-modas website are as follows:

    Images/logos are preferred to be in black and white
    For the best engraving results, images should be uploaded in hi-resolution (300dpi or above) format
    Please note that images/logos cannot be engraved onto chrome shields
    If you plan on uploading your own logo, you MUST select "Yes" in the 2b dropdown box. Do not upload company/brand logos you do not own rights to (ie no Disney, NFL logos etc)

How do I know what resolution an image is?
And clearly I don't own the rights to that logo, so I was gonna check with y'all if you reckon it would be ok?

P.S. those verification "type the letters shown in the picture" are getting fucking retarded >.< It took me like 5 goes to post this!

The resolution of that image is 1591x1020. Considering it's going on headphones, it's more than large enough.

As for the rights, I'm not exactly the authority here. :P Though i think it should be fine.

I'll go out on a limb here and say it's perfectly fine. Unless I totally mis-remember things, that's an image made by Rob as a suggestion for tattoos, or something similar.

In any case, go ahead. If they complain, i'll just slap 'em until they agree with me.

It's a good feeling every time you visit a good website like this. Next time I will visit again.


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