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Rise of a Digital Nation Project

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Right fans listen up! Nika, Rob and I have started this awesome project off, and we want all of you to be in it! You can find all the details here:

Rob wants all of you to take part, so fucking do it guys :D

There is no deadline.

Just have fun with it ;D


Time to be a part of the Rise of a Digital Nation. Let's make the most awesome crowd-sourced video ever. :)

I'm too shy to show my too ugly face in front of too crappy cam :P But nice idea anyway :D

Listen up. I feel exactly the same, and the clip I did (in my opinion) is fucking awful, but I did it. We are going to be editing so many clips together, and we want you to help! Don't be shy, just go with it, feel the music and HAVE FUN!!

I look like shit too, but that doesn't matter. Bigger problem for me is what to do, as I stated on facebook MachinaeUK page.. dunno if I may sing or wave like idiot or suck with guitar or what. :D


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