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Jets'n'Guns Greenlight

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Go vote!

Is it bad that I saw this on Reddit before coming here?

Either way, Jets n Guns on Steam would be fucking awesome.

Oh I hope that it'll go through, even if it would mean having to buy it again.

Oh shoot, I really should check the forums more often. I thought I saw it on RnG's Twitter that JnG cannot go on Steam because of questionable content or something. But apparently it's on Greenlight, so it shall receive all of my upvotes.

The comments are kinda weird. It looks like Rake in Grass are trying to bribe people to upvote in exchange for games?... I'm not sure what's going on in there. No matter, I think the game is good and deserves a place on steam.

Just thinking what happen to the voting of this? Anyway, can anyone also rates my projectile physics games at


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