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LymphoCite_T: in progress (maed during weekend) but i've no time to finish it.

hope it works :P but change extension :)

Thanks LymphoCite for the 99 tabs! I shall take a look at it.

The solo is 2 stringed, at least live. The only difference I saw was that it wasn't a bend on the 17th fret, but a slide up to 19th (same note)

LymphoCite_T: (tuxguitar), needs MAJOR rhythm correction, and some (EDIT:MANY) minors, but I think it's still helpful :D

Hey friends, Hi again !
I've just wrote 99.gpx by guitar pro 6, I will also put it's .gp5 file but it's quality is lesser than .gpx and also maybe some notes change in .gp5 file !
Anyway, There are some problems in it, I'm glad if you can correct them !

.gp5 File for Guitar pro 5 (Also works with 6) :
.gpx File only for Guitar pro 6 :


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