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Machinae Supremacy in Russia - Now in album form!


I took a few hours to edit Valet2's Moscow recording into what's essentially an album. The format is 320kbps MP3, and they're all properly tagged. I couldn't be arsed to hack together any album art.

Credit obviously goes to everyone who made the original recording possible.

Here's the track list:

Man, it's here:

mp3 -
flac -

i've recordered and mixed the sound, but the club's equipment was broken, so i had to use some restoration plugins (declickers). the sound is still awful, but better than in anyone's videos.

here's the recording from Tampere, Klubi:

mp3 -
flac -

again, recorded and mixed by me (well, that "mixing" was just adjusting volume in the whole recording, adding some sounds from stereo-microphones where fans start to clap or shout, eq and multiband compression).

Heh, well now I feel dumb. Awesome work, by the way.


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