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What happened to the days of people....yknow...discussing things on here?

Im not one to talk mind you, I havent been that active for a while, but mostly due to being gone for a month and coming back to the same threads being on top, with 1 reply.

Long gone are the days when I had 6 threads to reply to each hour, and I really miss having conversations with the select few who posted all the time back then (back before the great Fallout Fallout, not a typo, person and reaction).

I miss MDX drunk posts.....

The select few became the select fewer. Many migrated to facebook, and that's most likely where everything will end up, and this will certainly perish and die.

Social networks have their uses, but every time I see people posting paragraphs upon paragraphs of text in fucking comments, I die a little inside. I think there will always be a need for a more robust discussion board.

I feel somewhat the same as you; it is certainly quieter here these days. Perhaps, in order to foster the kind of activity that drew me to create my account in the first place, I must stop lurking and contribute more to the discussion. I will work on that.

People get older, boards die out. The circle of life. Also, I remember when band members used to visit and post here more than once in a few months.

INB4 GORDON/ROBERT: "We still visit/post!"

Hmmm... Back then when this forum started quieting down I wondered similar things. Oh why do people post so little, why I can't go on and on rambling about various serious and not so serious odd topics and off topics and what not topics... Where's all the FUN? Well... I thought about it and came into conclusion that us, the dwellers, define our own dungeon. Right now this is reality.

True that Facebook has stolen quite large portion of people's time. But also it's true that situation's do change in people's life. Since this forum started lot's of things has happened in my life, for example. I've divorced, got married again, got two kids somewhere there in-between those years, crashed my car with truck, changed my workplace twice and... Well, tons and tons of other stuff. I still do see strange dreams, I still do some really strange stuff. I do miss occasionally those conversations that used to take their place here, mindtripping, mindboggling odysseys to somewhere that went far beyond absurdity and decency. I know that people that used to be regular here, people who still lurk in the shadows, are still capable to do such things. Easily. I know that magick is still there. Only problem is that magic... It has to come spontaneously. It needs chemistry, it needs heat, passion, sparks, thunder, lighting... It needs fuel and air. And there will be explosion. Or atleast decent inferno. And lots of pyromaniac finns doing some sausage-grilling on open fire at midsummer. Wearing yellow rubber cloaks. Or something.

Problem is that we're lacking right now those creative sparks that inspire spontaneous bursts of insanity. I do come here regularly and I do try to smell the air. I want to feel the smoke, smell the smoke. I do have my sausage ready. When there will be fire I will be grilling. Maybe it starts from your inquiry maybe it starts from some other spark. I don't know. But I'm waiting. Did I mention that I got my sausage ready? Oh. I did.


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