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Machinae Supremacy take pride in providing a lot of free content for our fans, such as self-produced tour diaries, studio albums, soundtracks and live material.
To support Machinae Supremacy you can of course buy our albums and official merchandise, but as another option that has been asked for, you can now donate a sum of your choosing directly to the band by using the “Donate” button on our official website.

But the best way to support us is of course to spread our music and go to our concerts! :)

Of course! Whenever I can I will donate to the band. You guys rock!

Y u no believe we aren't mindless slaves? :D

My birthday is November the ninth, I'll defo donate some money.

Also you should tour more in Holland, I still need to redo my fail photo with the band >.< God I look stupid and ugly on that one.

Wait, what? Suddenly it's not enough that you have my complete devotion, now you want my money as well?

I swear, artists these days... now they're expecting to be paid. The very thought!

i'll send you some once payday arrives please don't hurt me

Soon's the Assembly gig vid comes out and I get in on my HDD, monies will be in your hands.


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