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"Inspiration" for Nova Prospekt?

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Browsing randomly through, I saw a comment on Nova Prospekt's page with this link:

The similarity of the riffs seems pretty striking to me. Is this just a coincidence or MaSu did borrow this one?

Meh. It just sounds like a loud bass noise to me. Personally, I hear the similarities, but I don't think it's stolen.

The riff in NP is one of the generic classic metal riffs, and can hardly be said to be stolen or borrowed by anyone from anyone. It's like saying someone using the metal gallop in a song is ripping off <insert early metal band here>.

Musicians borrow ideas and riffs from everyone, as well as being influenced by the bands that they listen to and grew up with. I won't call it a ripoff until someone completely copies entire melody lines from someone else, not just riffs ;) Copying riffs in the right context can just as well be a homage to the creator of the riff :P

Jonne haven't heard of Norther before he met Pete and he created the guitar riff as a beta for his new guitar sound on "View".


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