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« on: August 11, 2011, 08:27:47 am »
EDIT: OMFG I just noticed the soundtrack is available! And in FLAC, too! Gonna go buy that now.

Finally got someone out to repair my Internet connection a few days ago, and the first thing I did was download Bastion. I was super excited for this game, and let me tell you that it did NOT disappoint. Seriously, if I could rate this game 6/5 on XBL, I would.

That said, I found two minor annoyances with this game.

1) Even if you're back at the Bastion, which is basically your home base in the game, there's no option to save and quit. If you just came back from beating an area, and you make any changes at all, saving requires travelling to an area and then immediately returning to the Bastion from the pause menu. This means you have to wait through two loading screens. During normal play, these aren't terribly long, but when you're forced to wait through two of them back-to-back simply for the sake of being able to save your changes and quit the game, it's a bit annoying. Now, if you just got back to the Bastion and want to quit right then and there, you won't need to "slingshot" through another map to force a save, since it automatically saves upon entering the Bastion.

2) During some levels, there will be weapons and skill scrolls lying around which can be picked up, automatically equipping them. For weapons, this is perfectly fine, since the developers foresaw the need for an Arsenal shortly after every weapon pickup. This gives the user enough time to try out the weapon, while at the same time providing a way to switch back to their preferred loadout if they aren't impressed. This is particularly necessary after you've upgraded your weapons a bit, since the new weapon won't come with any upgrades, meaning it's probably inferior to whatever you were using until you can get to a Forge. (There are only two or three Forges in the entire game, including the one you can build in the Bastion.) The problem comes along when there's a map with a skill scroll, but no new weapon. Collecting the scroll automatically overwrites your equipped skill, as mentioned above, but this time there's no Arsenal to allow you to swap it out if you still prefer another skill. I will say that, for the most part, the "special" skills are pretty balanced and can be effectively employed in combat evenly. However, if you had a weapon skill equipped, and you suddenly find yourself stuck with a special, this could hinder your ability to take on larger numbers of enemies, since the only AoE skills are weapon-based. (I may be wrong about that, but if I am, there are still a bunch more AoE weapon skills than specials.)
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