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Re: Dishonored
« Reply #30 on: October 23, 2012, 01:10:59 am »
I'll be saving this morsel until I have enough free time to savour it fully. Feels like this game deserves some commitment, and not just the odd hour a week.
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Re: Dishonored
« Reply #31 on: October 23, 2012, 10:56:03 am »
Oh, definitely. Even a single mission takes quite a bit of time, and even more if you are anything like me and want to poke through every nook and cranny in the game.

Also, prepare to play the game through several times. I started a high chaos "Corvo is a huge dick and murders everything" playthrough after my first no kills stealthy bastard run, and some things in the game are considerably different. Nothing major so far, but I hear at least the final mission's high and low chaos versions are like night and day.

EDIT: yeah the last mission had a ton of difference. And I'd like to commend the city watchmen for bravery.

Imagine: there's a commotion and you turn to look just as an unknown masked assailant dislodges his weapon from the brain of a fellow watchman. With a cry for help, you draw your sword and prepare to engage the threat with your patrol buddy. As you move closer, you see two other guards pulling out their guns and aiming at the stranger. You hear them fire and then, something happens.

You feel your gut wrench and after a short bout of vertigo the scene in front of you has changed completely: the mysterious fiend is suddenly dozens of metres closer to you, with his sword slicing through the throat of another unfortunate watchman, while the two gunmen have also moved and are now lying on the ground, bleeding. Drawing your gun in turn, you barely have time to aim before the demon has yet again moved, this time appearing a couple of metres behind you. The decapitated head of your former patrol buddy hits the floor as the mask's glowing blue eyes turn towards you.

Now, most people would probably crap themselves and either try to run the fuck away or collapse and beg for their life. Not the Dunwall city watchman, though. The Dunwall city watchman adjusts his aim and hopes for the best.

I'd also like to note that murderous Corvo is probably the scariest fucking thing in this game.
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