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Bands you think are equal to/greater than Machinae Supremacy

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The only band with a standing comparable to MaSu's to me is Sacred Steel, a true metal (yes, that's a genre) band from Germany. They were the first metal band I really got into. I've only seen them at three gigs (since they almost never come to Sweden to play), one of which I arranged myself. Sample songs are here:

The only band I think is close to MaSu is Synthphonia Suprema.
Because I won't compare MaSu to a pagan folk band (that I listen to most) or band of other genres that are not even alike.

Hmm. Latest Turisas release is, imo, 90% as good as MaSu stuff. I used to consider Freedom Call as my favorite, but not after their latest two albums...
The one band I consider as good as MaSu is The Mass Missile, a japanese rock band (so most likely nobody here ever heard of it), mostly due to the vocals, heavy use of keyboard sounds and the Harmonica.
And there is recently discovered I Am Kloot (alternative/indie rock apparently) which I also consider as good, with some pieces (Avenue of Hope, Proof, Your Favourite Sky) being in my highest regard :).

Out of everything I listen to (and it is a lot) I span across multiple genres. But to me this is an easy answer. NONE.  ;D There has never been another band that encompasses every thing I like about music. Lyrics, style, originality, and quality. Machinae Supremacy has always held the number 1 spot. I can listen to them any day/night, in any situation I'm in, and or any mood I'm in. I can't say there are any other bands that would come close to them in my opinion.  8)

Well, I listen to a lot of different stuff. If you asked me to list my 2 favourite bands/artists, I'd probably say MaSu and Tom Waits. That doesn't mean I'll always feel like listening to one of those, depends entirely on the situation and my mood. MaSu is the band I've bought the most CDs of, though I've probably spent more money on Iron Maiden, those concert tickets are pretty damn expensive :P

I'll second Yoko Kanno as well.


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