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Bands you think are equal to/greater than Machinae Supremacy

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Yeah, that's a bit of an odd subject to discuss on the Machinae Supremacy forum...

But here I was thinking. We are all on this forum because we think Machinae Supremacy is a great, fascinating and mindblowing band. Their music provides us with instant eargasm. I completely agree! But there also are some other bands I truly and utterly love.

For instance, Type O Negative. Especially these songs:

So I would like to hear of you, what orther bands or artists are you really crazy about? If you love MaSu and love something else equally, it must be very special!

Yeah, it's like choosing which kid of yours you love the most.

MaSu's Redeemer RE is the one of the two original CD's I do own right now and I'm in process of saving money for the rest of the records. The other CD is Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot-dog Flavored Water, but only because it was priced around 5$ and I was in a desperate need for a CD for my car stereo. Which sucks by the way.

But that's no way to compare. MaSu stays in my heart not only because of the awesome music, but also for the equally awesome community, of which I try to be an active part. Visiting this forums nearly every day makes me think about Machinae more often than about any other band. So MaSu is the unquestionable leader of my TOP 1 FAVORITE BANDS EVER since 2007 and hopefully it'll stay there for a long time.

This is going to be one short list  ;D

The only ones I can think of whos even close to touching masu is Pendulum and Eminem, their oldschool stuff. But thats just what sets masu apart from them, EVERY DAMN SONG masu has made is awesome, while the ones i mentioned have some great and some not so great releases

I think I can only do 'Almost As'. MaSu I've listened to more of and purchased stuff from to a greater degree than any other band. And beat down panic and anxiety attacks to go and see them live.

So, for my almost as's:

Yoko Kanno (A composer, not a band, but just listen to the soundtracks of Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, to name but two of the shows she's worked on.)
The Kinks (Classic band, with some truly great songs amongst their catalogue. Much prefer them to that other popular beat combo.)
Adam and the Ants (Showmanship and musical talent in one delicious New Wave package.

I listen to vast amounts of awesome music with quite wide range. However, I can't think of any music that have ever had as much influence on me as MaSu. I can't even think of anything "almost as"... This is the only band I buy CDs from and the only one I have listened for such a long time without getting bored - not to mention the fact that I've never joined any other music-connected community before.

... But let's hope this thread won't simply evolve into a long series of "nothing compares to MaSu" :D


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