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January's SLAY Rated
« on: February 11, 2011, 09:21:45 am »
I don't know how many people here listen to SLAY Radio, but for anyone not in the know, it's a web radio playing only SID remixes (for a fairly wide value of remix).  Basically they've got everything from in the rotation, plus some other stuff. MaSu is represented with the 3 Sidologies + Giana Sisters. Not really a lot of listeners by any count, but I usually listen to it at work.

Now, it's possible to vote on the tracks, and every month the top voted tracks of that month are tallied. Now, in January, all four MaSu tracks were in the top 8, and the other top 8 were all from X-formZ, who are basically the other main representative of more metal-y music on the rotation. Made me smile, at least.