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Re: Some things.
« Reply #105 on: August 15, 2011, 04:29:41 pm »
Sigh. It feels like I'm really depressed right now. I mean, I really need a boyfriend TBH. I know this isn't the place to cry about it (or is it) but ah well.
Sometimes I wish I was straight. Would've been so much easier that way. Sometimes girls tell me I'm kind of cute. Why can't I just use that.
Riax, would you help me out here...
Aw, cheer up man. *hugs*

I remember feeling similarly (wishing I was straight) in the past, and I can tell you it does nothing to help. Truthfully, my love life might indeed be less complicated if I were straight, but my preference for the same gender adds to what makes me, me, just as much as my taste in food or music; I wouldn't be the same person if I weren't gay. Wishing to be something you aren't is tantamount to wishing you didn't exist, in my opinion. You seem to be a really nice guy, so it would be a shame if the world were without you.

I also know the feeling of just wanting a boyfriend. It's best to just let things come naturally. Just make friends, and if you end up having chemistry with any of them, you can then pursue a deeper relationship. I've found this works much better than seeking people out for the purpose of establishing a romantic relationship off the bat.
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Re: Some things.
« Reply #106 on: August 16, 2011, 12:18:25 am »
Ah, thanks man :)

/swipes away tears

Well, here's maybe hope. Some of my friends are organizing this LAN which lasts from tomorrow until friday. I told 1 of them if we might go to a bar of cafe during that time, you know, I might hook up with someone. He agreed and told me he totally understands, he's so nice.

But I don't have any special feelings for him.

I overthought (?) some things about what I'm gonna 'do' about my 'gayness'. First of all, it was ofcourse a mistake to think it would be better if I were straight. For me, straight feels so plain, so boring. Gay is much more fun IMO :)

Second, I'm not going to tell my family until at least my grandparents are dead, and then still not tell my father's family; they're catholics and although they don't dislike gay people, I've never heard them talk about it or anything else. My mother's side won't mind, except they're going to ask me why I hated so much on my own 'kind' for the last years; it wasn't really hate, it was more something I couldn't relate to very well, which was answered with prejudice.

What might be a problem is me being extremely picky. Ah well, there's someone for everyone in the world :D

Update: So I told 3 'acquaintances' or something. They took it pretty well and were proud of me telling them it.

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