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MaSu inspired dream (kinda old)
« on: February 03, 2011, 07:30:08 pm »
Yeah this happened right after I saw on facebook they were doing the A View From The End Of The World album. So that was the last thing I was thinking about before I went to bed. I had a strange dream last night that I think Machinae Supremacy inadvertently caused, interesting dream. So, the whole while this dream was occurring I got the feeling it was in an apocalyptic setting and that the apocalypse was coming soon. A band for no reason other than so me and my family can protect them from the apocalypse comes stay at my house. The band I could tell was famous and there were, as I can remember, four members. So I decide to try to learn how to play guitar from one of them. I go get my mom's guitar and wait for one of them to teach me to play. Then the dream shifts to me and a whole bunch of people at a person from school's house at a party. I am walking around and wondering why I'm at this house I've never been to in real life. Then the dream shifts again to a gigantic skyscraper. This skyscraper, however, is very different. It has in a pattern chunks of stone/rock from castles in a pattern before and after every set of windows. So it being the apocalypse, there are 1000's of people partying there. I am exploring this amazing building. All of a sudden, there's an earthquake. Everybody rushes out to escape. When I get out, I see the huge chunks of stone falling off the building. A giant section almost crushes me and I roll on my back to nearly escape death, then the dream ends. So I was just guessing, since I don't remember my dreams often, that the only reason I had this interesting and wild dream was because of me thinking about Machinae Supremacy and the album name A view From The End Of The World.

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