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A weird dream about Machinae...
« on: November 29, 2010, 06:04:08 pm »
I know there have been similiar threads in the past, but since they are old, there is probably no point in renewing them.

This night I just had a dream, about Machinae Supremacy :D
I can remember is pretty clearly, it was almost as live...
so.. there was supposed to be a gig of Machinae Supremacy in Luleå, and i had some extra money left, so i decided to go to Sweden, by train. At first It was normal, I went from Prague, but when i had to switch trains somewhere, the second train looked like frozen, or made from ice or something O.o and ot was half-transparent. Then at some point i switched trains again, and the next train was some X-special turbo something and took me from Denmark over Stockholm to Luleå in a few minutes :o by some miracle I instantly knew where the gig was taking place and arrived just in time to see Machinae Supremacy start. It was soo awesome.. And after the gig i suddenly realized that i have nowhere to go... So i went to the nearest pub to drink myself to death, but I met the band there, and Robert invited me to stay overnight at his place. And we were drinking, drinking, headbanging, somehow Machinae Supremacy was playing, even though the other band members were only drinking too.. and then I suddenly woke up in the middle of night, completely thirsty, and i realized i had headphoned on my head and Machinae Supremacy was still playing from my laptop next to my bed O.o

And the point is... I havent met any of the band members IRL, so most of the dream was probably only some wild subconscious imagination, but I checked some stuff on the net, and If I wanted to go to Sweden from Prague, the second train, which was frozen and icy in the dream, is in fact named ICE 35 O.O .. and the X-special turbo third train would be X2 550... weird coincidences.. as i didnt know this before i had that dream... X2 550 goes only to Stockholm, but anyway, weird.

And the pard about getting into the the house of one of the band's members... Am I starting to get psycho? O.O
The dream was so great.. I dont want to wake up when i have such dream next time ^^ If that happened IRL, it would be possibly one of the greatest things that could ever happen... with the difference that I would bring a lot of Czech beer \m/ (dont remember seeing any of it in the dream)

Anyway, if you had similiar dreams about Machinae Supremacy, post them here, and describe your feelings about them and weird things or coincidences you saw.

P.S. If it ever happened in reverse.. That somebody from MaSu, or even some forumers here, for some reason ended up in Czech Republic near Hradec Králové or Náchod, I could easily arrange it so that they can stay overnight(s) for free at my place (parents would go like WTF?!, but if they hear that we are talking English, they would be like good boy, learn English). Or if it is near Brno (second largest Czech city), I could accomodate one or two, max. 3 people there.
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Re: A weird dream about Machinae...
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2010, 08:43:58 am »
Wow thats quite an interesting dream lol. I will say i havent dreamed of going to a MaSu gig or meeting the band even though doing so in real life would be awesome! I have had dreams of killing zombies or being sucked into a game world where me and my friends are kicking ass and somehow MaSu songs are always playing in the background, like a soundtrack of ass-kickery xD