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So we're travelling a long ways to see MaSu but...

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Hey Will, that's some hardcore fan-being man! Can't really help you (I'm Dutch), but I want to wish you good luck going to Sweden and HAVE FUN! Make sure to get those autograhps on your cd's, ey?!  ;)

Oh it wasent hard, i saw them in norway at Play! and then linked him 3 songs and he was hooked:P

Major <3 for the links Dezo  ;D gonna book one of those up tonight methinks. Thanks Willem! Have aaalways wanted to see MaSu live - actually squealed (John can back me up  on this o.O) when I found out they were holding a release party and that I could make the dates! Very excited, don't know how I'm going to manage to wait that long :P. I'll be trying to get everything autographed, hands, chest, shirts.. I'll never wash again  ::)

Torp v2.0:
Yeah, he's awesome that way. Actually, the entire band is pretty cool and friendly, which I suspect helps a lot with fan loyalty.

It would have been really neat to catch that release party, but the timing is less than ideal. You're lucky bastards, both of you (though I suppose I shouldn't complain, I've actually met most of the band. Still, I'd like to get to see them live...I suspect that would be rather entertaining).

Think you can tell Will is getting psyched alreaddy, i swear he's not normally this, extreme:P

And yeah we're very happy to catch the release party=)


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