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So we're travelling a long ways to see MaSu but...

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We have a problem :(. I live in England (Birmingham) and have been waiting for years for MaSu to come tour somewhere close. Since it hasn't been happening I'm coming over to MaSu! And when better than for the release party.  ;D Someone else (who will be posting below this  :P) is coming too and he's coming from Norway.

The problem we have is that we don't know the area at all. This is where we need YOU! We're not doing it on a big budget (students) and we'll obviously need somewhere to stay. Any recommendations from people living in the area of good hostels (or cheap hotels) that are clean and fairly central? Also places to eat? Any things in particular to see and do other than like.. MaSu and snow?

Looking at flying in late on the 24th November for the 4th album release party on the 27th November in LuleÃ¥ so if anyone wants to meet up for a few drinks or a meal would be assum  ;).

Yes, i would be that other guy from Norway.
Very much looking forward to it, and any kind of help as to suggestions for a place to stay like a  hostel / hotels, places to eat and such would be much appreciated.
Not much more to say really, Will covered it all in his post.

Help plox?

Kewl shit d00ds =)
Here you go:

"Vandrarhem" is swedish for "hostel" and prolly the cheapest hotelish way to stay in Luleå.

Awsome.  Thats very helpful thanks=)
and wow at the speed of the reply, was expecting maybe to get a vague answer in a day or 2, But 30 minutes later theres a perfect answer:P

Clearly you were just lurking waiting for just such a post.

I have like forum ocd or something...
If I'm even close to a computer I haf to check my regular waterholes... call it a feature. MaSu are here for you! =)


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