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I had originally posted this under the Fanarts topic, but that thread is kinda dead so i decided to make a new topic!

For my AP Studio Art class, we had to do a series of 12 pieces that all had a connecting theme. Naturally, I chose to illustrate Machinae Supremacy songs XD I actually created a whole story based off MaSu songs, and illustrated major events in the story. I promised Rob when I got permission to use Machinae's lyrics and trinity logo that I would post my artwork, so heres some of my pics for that project :) Hope you enjoy them!
(sorry about the low quality on the pictures, the actual pieces are huge but when we submitted our art to the AP board, they required that all pictures be tiny and low quality -.- )

This one is just the two main characters of the story, Kaori and Hero (from the songs Kaori Stomp and, uh, Hero lol) sitting on a ledge looking at the Hubnester Industries building

This one is a picture of the song Empire. A group of citizens bow down to an unseen deity. Hero alone stands, trying to help Kaori to her feet

A picture of Kaori overlooking the city below, a flag bearing the trinity logo of the Rebellion in her hand (inspired by "Soundtrack to the Rebellion" and "Stand" equally :P)

Kaori approaches a courtyard at twilight. In the courtyard stands a flag of the Empire. Kaori is about to replace the flag with the Rebellion's flag ("Flagcarrier")

Captured, Kaori lies on an operating table in the dreaded Hubnester Laboratories, about to be tortured by having her eyes burned and then stabbed out ("Rogue World Asylum") to reveal the whereabouts of Hero, leader of the Rebellion

This one just shows a mirror reflection of Kaori before and after the torture ("Ghost (Beneath the Surface)")

Oh, and this one wasn't part of my AP Art project, but it was inspired by I Know The Reaper, and it came out pretty good (imho ;P)

That last one I like most. Nicely done. I wonder if your drawings represent the lyrics of the songs, or just its title? Is there even such a story behind Kaori?

Hmm kinda both. So, basically what I did is I chose to illustrate Machinae Supremacy songs, as you know. But of course this wasn't enough for me XD So i created this entire story based off of two characters from Machinae's songs: Kaori and Hero. They are both described in their songs; Kaori Stomp talks about her "eyes crazy, hair like a child... Got the style..." etc, and Hero describes the character's badassery to me XD ("They will not ever defeat me... trust in me, ive come to save this world, and in the end i'll get the girl..." etc). Once I had created the characters, I used references from several different Machinae songs to create the world they live in - sort of a post-apocalyptic, V for Vendetta type of society. Then I made up a storyline from Machinae's song lyrics and the images they portrayed to me. Then I just illustrated major events in the story.

But no, this story behind Kaori is purely of my own creation, but it is based off of lyrics from all the songs the pictures are titled after (used with permission, of course). Machinae has very vivid imagery in their songs, and they have always inspired me to draw about them. I just took that one step further and connected them into one arching storyline, using song lyrics to make the characters, setting, and events

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They deserve the attention imo =)


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