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FAO : The Band
« on: May 03, 2004, 05:52:21 pm »
Hello! First of all, great album, very happy with it :)
I approached one of you before about this. I was making a space combat game on the half-life engine and asked to use some of your music in it. Well, that project didn't get anywhere as we decided to wait for Half-Life2. Now, since hl2 is on the horizon, we're getting back into development and I'm wondering if the offer still stands. We are non-profit voluntary developers in it for fun, all we can offer you is a "Soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy" credit on our website along with a link to yours, and if you wan't we can do some advertising in the game, up to you. Please get back to me about this, i'd love to have your music playing in the background while i fly around space shooting my friends! Email me at when possible. Many thanks, and keep up the amazing work, i've got at least 5 of my friends hooked on you already!

Jamie "Onions" Robertson
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