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Heroes of Newerth (+ nicks list)

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Jack Lupino:

Who's playing? You'll need a beta key from another player, so that might be a little tricky. But the game's awesome!

My account name is Trashface by the way

Jack Lupino - Trashface
slippy0 - slippy0
evilcandybag - evilcandybag

Had the beta for a while, played my first real games today. It's good fun, and improves on all areas where the WC3 engine gave DOTA problems. I like, but it'll take a while to get used to the differences.

I have it, slippy0 of course. I hardly ever play though, don't have much time :/

Furthermore I just started playing, and the community has been less than helpful in accommodating newbies. I hosted a game and made it clear I knew how to play but didn't know how to play. People still did the "worst team ever, this game sucks."

This has been all 3 games I've played.

Jack Lupino:
Haha, yeah i've had that aswell, man. I've never even played DOTA as i held firm that custom games were retarded.

But since this is a standalone game, i guess it's okay. :D

The first time i joined a Noobs only game and i wasn't really sure what the hell was going on so people started flaming aswell. So i told them to look at the god damn game title and either help or keep their mouths shut. So they started helping me ;d

Good thing my 2 brothers own at this game so they give some good advice and walkthroughs. I used to play a shitload of Starcraft so the micro and such is pretty decent still, thankfully.

So, solution? Let's fill up our friends lists with nice people. My nick is evilcandybag, ofc.


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