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SID or NES Effect for Guitar???

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Hi there!
I like the idea of mixing SID / NES effects with "real" music. I always used an midi-synth and some vst's. But is there any possibility make this kind of sound with my guitar? I have the Line6 Studio UX2. Can get a similiar result by combining e.g. Wah-Effect's and a special EQ-Preset? Or is there some kind of Effect-Pedal, which can be ordered?
Thanks for your help!



There are guitar synth pedals. Pretty cool stuff. O.O
I've never tried one tho... somehow retro game like sounds should be possible.

EDIT: Also there is this bitcrusher pedal. Sounds really NES-like!

I've never seen Dmajor abused as much as it was in that last video. Cool stomp box though.

Hell yeah! That's exactly what was talking about. Sound really cool. At the moment it is just a prototype... but I MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!!!!!!! :-D

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