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So I have entirely lost my voice and should be spending my eveniing in a pub...

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Please give suggestions as to how I can physically order drinks.

Take a piece of cardboard, write on it: "I have lost my voice. A pint of (whatever you want), please."

Point at someone else's drink, then point at yourself with the other hand and nod at the waiter / barkeeper.
Then you get a drink and a glass.
Keep the glass, it's key for the next step: Point at your empty glass for a refill. Signalig a "one" with you index finger or thumb might help bring across that you want "one more".

If you want something else, point at the glass, then gesture wildly. Pointing at someone else's drink might also work, but if you do it too often, the owners of the drinks might feel disturbed...

I'm asking as I had the same issue last night, and I do not think the bar staff were overly impressed with my skill at 'charades'. Also, since when is a twisting hand motion not fucking universal for 'some tap water you fucking idiot, I cannot fell anything in throat but lots of pain'?

Jack Lupino:
If you're bent on going to the pub there are some things that are bound to happen. Just stay positive and you'll manage just fine!

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