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In celebration of my current rather inebriated state (it started off as an attempt to kill off the viruses brewing inside me, don't ask.... damn cold), I have decided to create this thread.

Please share your favourite poisons, whether it contains alcohol or not. Bonus points will be awarded for particularly tasty concoctions. Drinkability is a requirement; please don't supply actual poisons. I will possibly hate you to death for that.

I'll start off with me drink of choice. Whisky! Not WhiskEY, WhiskY. From Scotland. Any other varieties don't count in my book, and if you even so much as mention Jack Daniels (it smells of bananas ffs!), you automatically fail in my book.

Torpy got me hooked onto whisky a while ago, and now I'm quite the snob: only the finest scotch single malt will do :P  i can heartily recommend the Balvenie lineup; my personal favourite is the Balvenie Portwood - 21 years of awesomeness stored in a port cask.

As for mixed drinks, I'm partial to the Long Island Iced Tea - it's easy on the stomach, tasty, and contains a shitload of alcohol.

Beer? Meh, I'm rather picky. I prefer the darker ones, like the Wychwood lineup of ales and stuff. Hobgoblin and Circlemaster are favourite. Guinness and Kilkennys work fine too... except that sometimes it feels like ya have to eat'em with a spoon.

Wine - I prefer the fruitier, more full-bodied ones. I've never been a fan of the excessively dry ones. Red over white any day (Merlot ftw), but a chilled Riesling white is fucking awesome on a hot summer day, possibly with prawns and white bread as a light meal on the side.

Share yer tips, tricks and secret recipes here! In the words of the wise people over at 4chan, DO IT FAGGOT!

* WereVolvo ambles drunkenly off to bed.

you should try a vanilla flavored alcohol (i used to use Rum...but they stopped selling it here, so I changed to vodka) mixed with Sunny Delight....ya i know, its way too easy to put down, but w/e

But always Rum + Coke is my vice (dark double)

and as for non-alc, Pepsi + Dr.Pepper 50/50 tastes oddly like Cherry Coke -.- no idea how that happened, but an incredibly addictive cola.

harvey danger:

And also milkshakes.

Jack Lupino:
At the moment heiniken, then grolsch, jupiler and becks.

Whiskeys, Jack Daniels, and Glenn Fiddilsh(w/e) Jameson for mixes

Bacardi lemon and coke is also a all time favorite

And Scrobbelaer ofc

Gin gin!

Well, I pretty much like all types of alcohol I've tried thus far, but here are my favourites:

Gin & tonic, which is probably my all time favourite mixed drink. I mostly drink beer and whisky though, so I'll just move straight to those.

I like Irish and Scottish whisky, blended and single malts both. Best whisky I've tried by far is probably Balvenie Doublewood, 12 year old single malt. What's special about it is that it has been first matured in an oak barrel for six years, and then in an sherry barrel for another six. Extremely tasty.

As for beers, I favour dark ones but I pretty much like all types of beer there is. Shepherd Neame's Spitfire is probably my favourite at the moment, followed by Newcastle Brown Ale, Guinness, Fuller's IPA, Leffe Brune/blonde, and such things.

Also I rather like extra dry apple ciders, namely Strongbow, Crowmoore and Green Goblin.


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