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Lovehammers - Guns

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So I heard this song on the radio, and thought... my, my, that sounds a lot like Machinae Supremacy. I wonder if these guys aren't plagiarizing one of MaSu's earlier originals. Just listen to at least the part from 39s-62s in their Youtube offering.

Or just listen to the whole song. It sounds so damn familiar, the music. As if I heard it before and not too long ago when I played the originals (web-content).

Mind, I like this song. Just not too sure about its legality. 

I don't spot it.

It sounds a bit like "Rise" for 20 seconds, but a lot worse, and that's it.

Sounds a litte bit, but only 'cause I'm really trying to see a connection.

It does sound familiar, but I don't think MaSu familiar really.


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