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Hey everyone, i love MaSu etc
I just recently bought quadraSID (read: ACTUALLY bought) and I'm not really the type of person that is satisfied with presets, so I've been making my own patches and stuff for it, but I've run into a little snag, i REALLY like the little chippy arp sound that MaSu use on a hell of a lot of their songs. The sound I'm looking for is like the one at the start of Megascorcher
I can't figure out if it's a wavetable or an arpeggio

I've got things that sound similar but I'm not really satisfied with them and I realise I'm not using a real sid station but if anyone (hopefully a band member  ;D) could help out with some preset settings or tips I would greatly appreciate it!

- Avid MaSu fan

Jack Lupino:
Hey dude and welcome on the forums, perhaps you should send gordon a personal message, if he doesnt reply dezo surely will come and poke him later on ;]

Start of Megascorcher sounds like a smooth saw played insanely fast :P

Thanks for the replies guys, I'll give him a PM, didn't know if I was allowed to lol
I kinda think it's an arpeggio with a wavetable as well, but stuffed if I know what they did with it.

Hi and wellcome m8!

I think that the easiest way to get some sort of input on the quadraSID is to ask Robert (Gaz).
We don't use quadraSID that much tho so I don't know how much help you can get from him but he is a studio wiz so asking could not hurt anyways.

Remember to keep it l33t  ;D


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