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"Oh, and all the stuff is approved by Gordon. ;)"

Sweet... :)

I already said this to robert on deviantart, but now I´m registered here^^.
I would really like to buy a T-Shirt with the picture of the redeemer/overworld cover on the back and on the front "Machinae Supremacy" that would be perfect. I don´t know if this is possible... I would pay much money for it^^

Nevertheless I bought your Machinae Supremacy T-Shirt with the Trinity logo it looks really cool and the ELITE T-Shirt. Hope I don´t have to wait to long. I´ve already told many of my friends about you and a T-Shirt would be a perfect advertising for my favourite band.  ;D

harvey danger:
Expensive hoodie...

worth it the quality is like uber.

Will Overworld be sold on the shop too?


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