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OK, thnx!

... There we go.

And now to figure out what the hell to do with a satchel/man purse, a wrisband and also where to purchase two frames for ze posters.
The happy (but poor) man sure have some problems now - awesome shit!

The wristband!...

Wait, are the old shirts gone? Well, good thing I got the one I wanted last year then, I guess...

The new shirts are fine, too. Though about the "generation online" one... I don't know, it feels like there's too much going on on it for my taste. Otherwise it's kinda cool. I also wish it was focused more on The Greatest Show on Earth somehow. For me, "the Greatest Show on Earth is right here on the net / and we are a part of it" is more powerful than any of the lines from Force Feedback.

Also, hang on a sec... You can't buy Deus ex Machinae anymore? So that's why you can download it now from the website...? I thought I missed something in the news.

I just got my order in the mail today. Both redeemer and overworld -posters and daaaaaaamn they look sweeeeeeet  8)  They are gonna wait in the tube untill I can get some frames for them and then they are gonna be making my walls just that much more elite

Any estimation on when the logo shirts XL can be ordered again? I want to wear them on the open air festivals in July/August and my skin on the upper arms is too pale to wear the sleeveless ones ;-)


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